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  • hreny:

    steal his look: back at it again at krispy kreme guy

    gucci hooded sweatshirt ($1,058.02)

    paul smith jeans elbow contrast knit sweater ($265.27)

    msgm tailored wool sweatpants ($449.55)

    giuseppe zanotti design zipped hi top sneaker ($665.50)

    krispy kreme paper hat ($2.99)

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  • princesse-mercedes:

    Ya so I met LIGHTS today :D

    She is honestly the most genuine and nice person ever!

    …I even thought of the idea of her signing my boot!

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  • awwww-cute:

    Hey, hooman, you really freeing me?

  • What's your relationship status?
  • humansofnewyork:

    "I was carrying a steel pipe at work, and it brushed up against an electrical wire. When I woke up, I saw that everything was gone, and I just started crying. It’s like I’m a kid again. They clean me, they put me to bed, they wipe my butt, and they even hold my birdie when I pee. I’ve been begging for money in this same spot for 20 years. All that I can do is try to get my bread every day until God decides to take me home."

    (Mexico City, Mexico)

  • drawing-5sos:



    we are releasing our first ever official single 

    Can I just throwback to this? 

    No you can’t

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